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Learn indian vegetarian cooking easily

No more fast food "Asian" currys!

  • Indian vegetarian food is exotically spicy, super scrumptious und not at all hard to learn.
  • Original recipes for every day and for your next get together
  • Learn the secrets of the masalas step-by-step
  • Was is an Indian Curry exactly?

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Bevor du bei Veggie Rezepten immer zu Tofu greifst, hab ich eine super Alternative für Dich: Indiens Antwort auf Fleischersatz (schon 1000 Jahre im Einsatz 😉


(Lentils, Peas and Beans)

Linsen, Bohnen, Erbsen


September 15, 2021

September 15, 2021

April 14, 2019

April 14, 2019